A weekly Catholic podcast on theology, philosophy, culture, and all things God hosted by Dave VanVickle and Dr. Michael Sirilla.

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Bonus: Consecrating Russia

Mike and Dave discuss Pope Francis's upcoming consecration, Fatima, Russia's errors, and Marian Consecration in general.

The Theology of Angels

In this episode, Dave and Mike discuss angels and how the sequence of their lives are related to ours in God’s providence.

Listener Questions: Relationship with Christ, Lateran Council of 649, Can God Make Evil Not Sinful?

Mike and Dave tackle listener questions this week! How can you cultivate a relationship with Christ and help your children do the same? Why is the Lateran Council of 6...

The Church of Christ Subsists in the Catholic Church

Mike and Dave discuss what this means, that it is still true that there’s no salvation outside of the Church, how this is possible when the members of the Church are s...

Sacramental Factories

Dave and Mike discuss the sacraments and whether it is prudent to allow their reception by Catholics in need of evangelization.

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